[suggestion] /resetskills command - reset skills for gold

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[suggestion] /resetskills command - reset skills for gold

Post by tangar » Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:02 am

With almost every new update, some skills beign changed and it would be nice to have possibility to reset it. Currently it's possible, but it's made by admins; but they are not always around and it's not good to take their time from game development to solving our, players issues.

Also sometimes you could make a mistake by putting points into wrong skills - I ruined like this 3-4 chars and had to create them from scratch (when /undoskills was too late or already used).

I suggest add command /resetskills , which is available for each character for some fee. Let's this fee would be level based and cost more and more with each lvl (exponential function). EX: to reset skills for lvl 10 char - it would cost 50k; lvl 50 - 3m. Also maybe add one free skill reset every Christmas? :D (not stackable).

So it would also make game economy more healthy - cause of gold would be removed from players.

1) cheezing. players would use different 'builds' for different lvl brackets. So for getting till 30 it would be one build, then another.
Solution: make skill reset expensive, so people would think twice before doing so
2) cheezing rogue-thief. In TomeNET it's special challenge - to lvl thief character; cause with putting skills to 'stealing' it's much harder to play.
Solution: make it not possible to lvl up 'stealing' after skill reset.
3) IDDC cheezing with skill-resets would ruin idea of challenge
Solution: forbid skill resetting in IDDC (it's ironman's after all, has to be hard?)
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