Cataclysm shard motto

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Cataclysm shard motto

Post by tangar » Mon May 08, 2017 3:04 pm

Currently we got motto: "The Premier Old School Shard"

IMHO we could try too figure out something more unique, what would stuck in mind for long time :) For example, UO Renaissance got nice - History Perfected. You wouldn't forget it after you hear/read it.

I suggest something like: UO Cataclysm - "Truly sandbox experience" or "Real sandbox experience".. We need to brainstorm at it. After we would have an idea - it would be fun to put it to the header at the website.

The most powerful advantage of shard - cata is the only oldschool no-skillcap shard with classic ruleset (not trammel) and sphere spirit. We need to give it in short moto... Maybe something like: "Oldschool. Sandbox. Real."

So for now I got 3 variants:
Truly sandbox experience
Real sandbox experience
Oldschool. Sandbox. Real

Hm.. it's a bit soapy too. Let's try to get a rhyme:

"Cataclysm - UO beyond your dream". Hm... not bad.

Please suggest more variants, lets brainstorm this! :D — streams in english // — streams in russian

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