Move vendors out from vendor mall?

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Move vendors out from vendor mall?

move vendors to player houses
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move vendor mall to different place
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leave everything as it is
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I don't care
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Move vendors out from vendor mall?

Postby tangar » Sun May 07, 2017 10:51 am

Lets discuss an idea - to move vendors from vendor mall. This idea came from discussion at our discord channel. Lets think through this idea - how it would influence gameplay...

There could be some options:

1) move them out of vendor mall back to players houses

Why to move:
it will be very good for activity on shard, players will open up gates at bank to their houses, more players will have to go into the world, to get more adventures around

Having vendor mall is very comfortable.. If I wanna buy something - I use vendor search to find vendor name and buy stuff emideatelly.
Everything at one place, it's good for economy and price competitions. So moving vendors to houses would make shopping not so comfortable. If we would move vendors to houses - it would be much harder to find location of the shop at vendor search; i'ts not easy to figure out coordinates...

At most of shards vendors are around gates, cause near the gate there is small area with guard zones. so.. Maybe make guardzone around gates? Then there would be plenty of places for new vendor houses. Make this guardzones smaller, then at other shards, so it would be more thrilling. But if we would do so - it would be big step to casuality.

2) move vendor mall to another place. I suggest to move vendor mall to big tower to the left from West Brit bridge so people have to go there through Brit bridge :smile:

Or just leave everything as it is... What do you think, guys? :D — streams in english // — streams in russian

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