Guide: UO + Razor at fullscreen without flickering :)

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Guide: UO + Razor at fullscreen without flickering :)

Postby tangar » Wed Apr 12, 2017 11:03 am

Hi ho!

Today I'll show how run UO with Razor at large monitors without flickering and glitches :)

Some notes about pseudo-fullscreen mode:

To make 'true' fullscreen you could use AutoHotkey - its free program. I'll show example code; to use it - run game, run script and then use WinKey+LMC to activate addon in active window, WinKey+RMC to deactivate

1) to hide headers of gameplay use this code:

Code: Select all

LWIN & LButton::
WinSet, Style, -0xC00000, A
LWIN & RButton::
WinSet, Style, +0xC00000, A

2) To make window always on top:

Code: Select all

Winset, Alwaysontop, On, A

3) OPTIONAL: to cut certain part of window, for not-standart resolutions:

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WinSet, Region, 0-25 W1300 H550, Ultima Online

W1300 H550 - put there your resolution (for example, W1680 H1050).


Code: Select all

WinSet, Region, 275-34  1660-34 1660-988 275-988, Ultima Online;

Where 'Ultima Online' its window name (written in header of window), some shards put there names like: Ultima Online <character> <shard>.

Enjoy! :) — streams in english // — streams in russian

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