[list] minor suggestions (UO Cataclysm shard)

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[list] minor suggestions (UO Cataclysm shard)

Post by tangar » Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:42 am

Lets post all minor suggestion in this topic Please note that it's not bugs thread, but ideas and suggestions.

I'll start:

1) snooping training made my newbie character perma-grey, so now I can't train skills near Brit bank. I suggest to make carma drop rate from snooping much more less severe or move border of permagrey a bit down... Actually in most servers in UO you can't go permagrey by snooping at all.
2) add fletcher tools: to bowcraft NPC to sell and to tinker skill to craft
3) add thief NPC possibility to train players remove traps and begging (curently there is not NPC for this skills it seems).
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