Players ladder by skills amount (UO Cataclysm shard)

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Players ladder by skills amount (UO Cataclysm shard)

Post by tangar » Sat Apr 01, 2017 8:15 am

There is already implemented perfect tool to check players:

I suggest to add ladder by summ. of skills. It would give players good motivation to play. Competition - it's very important part of MMORPG and no-skill-cap server is perfect place to make such competition happen :)

Why ladder is fun?
1) its a competition ---> new emotions: venturous hazard, gambler's high, excitement
2) its a new goal for players - stay online and raise skills as long as possible
3) its good for casual and new players - to see their goals more clear :)
4) it give possibility to watch over another players progress
5) and finally its perfect motivation to achieve something

For example:
It would be great to see that my 1351 skills character at 4919 place.. After I play one day more he would become 4796. Its good stimul to continue playing, to have some competition with other players.

Other possible ladders:
1) Gold amount. The most wealthy players around.
2) Top PKers (do not count res-kills)
3) .... suggest your own in this topic :) — streams in english // — streams in russian

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