Newbie dungeon suggestions (UO Cataclysm shard)

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Newbie dungeon suggestions (UO Cataclysm shard)

Post by tangar » Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:37 am

I'm big fun of newbie gameplay - it's my favorite time of the game in UO. It's very important to give new player right UO feeling - feeling of freedom, huge opportunities of your character and endless variations of gameplay situations. Its all together gives special, UO-only emotions.

In my stream ( ) recently I played in newbie dungeon mostly. What could I say:

Atm newbie dungeon is too big and wealthy, where you could spend too much time. For example, skeleton archer there drop 50 arrows, loads of gold, but hits not too much... And you are totally safe there from other players.

Newbie dungeon has to be place, where newbie players receive their 1st skills and learn how to fight. Just learn; not really fight a lot. But currently it could replace hunting ground for a lot of time (up to 2000 skill summ atm - it's almost ENDLESS amount for average player). It's quite dull to stay in newbie dungeon there without any danger to meet PK or fight to another players, but its very seductively to be safe all the time...

I'm not hardcore guy and not PK (actully anti-PK), but interaction between players is the most important part of UO. Currently new players stuck @ newbie dungeon for quite a lot of time without need to make REAL adventures - go to far dungeons with some dangers. Having such wealthy safe place really demotivates to make steps to REAL UO world... "Why to take risks and go somewhere if I'm safe in newbie dugeon and got loads of gold?". Risk VS reward concept became broken... So I'm sure that quite big amount of players getting bored from newbie dungeon but didn't started their way into real UO world and... quit.

I suggest very simple way to fix this problem:

Divide newbie dungeon up to two parts by building a SINGLE wall :cool:
newbie-dungeon-fix.jpg (246.03 KiB) Viewed 703 times
So there would be first (1) part of newbie dungeon - with entrance from Brit bank. Leave it as it is now; maybe even add 3-4 skeleton around, so newbies would be able to get bone armour. It would make this dungeon not so interesting for 'experienced' newbies so players would go to 2-part...

And there would be second (2) part (entrance only from Brit grave). Then newbie players would have to make at least some steps out from guard zone to get there. Also adjest some stuff in 2-part:

1) Add teleporter to Brit bank at the far corner of this dungeon. So newbie player has to come inside through BG only, but after he finish his adventures - he wouldn't need to go back through dangerous BG entrance. It's good for newbies, so reds wouldn't wait them back with loot :) PK would be able to kill you only on your way there.. It would make interesting gameplay situations - when newbie players has to group and ask experienced players to lead them to newbie dungeon, while reds could try to get them :)

2) Make it possible to go to there only up to 600 summ. skills (real) - its more then enough for new players. 1-part leave as it is (2000). So after a while, new players has to go to BG or other hunting places, not stay forever in newbie dungeon. I suggest make more stuff around Britain - trolls, ettings & ogres at the north from Brit Grave all along the forest up to mountains - perfect area for newbies, hard for PKs to catch people among the trees there. — streams in english // — streams in russian

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