Random Dungeons (RD) suggestions: possibility to go to the previous deepth and random quests

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Random Dungeons (RD) suggestions: possibility to go to the previous deepth and random quests

Post by tangar » Wed Oct 04, 2017 4:47 pm

My favorite place in the game so far - Random Dungeons. They give pretty unique roguelikish experience with a lot of unexpected situations, exploration and danger. Also it has very good ratio of RISK vs REWARD (it's harder to fight with unknown monsters, but there is treasure rooms). And also it's the less grindy gaming experience ever :)

There is only one big problem: to go back from town to depth which you visited last time.

My typical pattern is: I go to lvl 8 or 9 of RD and my inventory space is full; I have to go back to town (it's quite rare to meet shops in RD) to sell the loot. And then, to get back to lvl 8 from town I have to spend a lot of time; it's kinda boring thing to go through loads of empty rooms or lvls with weak monsters...

It would be fun to have certain magic scroll (Scroll of Deep Descent), which would bring you to the previous depth which you discovered. Lets it would be even not quite cheap scroll, but still I prefer to spend some gold to get back to interesting stuff, then have boring way back.

And another suggestion - to add 'random quests' for RD. For example:
- to kill 5-10-20 certain monsters (it could be monster types or specific species, EX: dragonkin, pirates, undeads, oozes & etc)
- hunt down especially powerful enemy (suitable for player lvl)
- taste water from 10 fountain (funny quest - to check is water OK or there has to go kobold-workers to fix it hehe)
- find 5 treasures (in trap rooms)
- find 10 mushrooms & etc...

All this stuff has to be done only in RD of course :)

There also could be more complex quests - to do certain staff in limited time; it would be interesting challenge for high lvl chars.

The reward could be much less then quests in 'regular' world. It could be something like 1 quest point per quest; but at least then there would be an alternative for people who like RD very much. It would make RD adventures even more fun.
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