RPG progression curve: newbie impression

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RPG progression curve: newbie impression

Post by tangar » Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:10 pm

Currently I'm lvl 10 dwarf and I wanna join paladins guild. I was surprised that it's so hard to do - you need to pay 100k gold and complete quest which isn't possible to solve at level 10 (for a new player at least).

For me as a newbie it wasn't easy to get to lvl 10 and instead of kinda 'promotion' player get very hard obstables to get a 'class' (joining a guild it's like obtain a class in other RPG).

I mean - after hard work you expect reward. It has to be carrot and stick, not only stick. It's fun when you go through hard things for some time and get your reward. Going from lvl 6 to lvl 10 wasn't easy and I though "I need to hold on just some more, soon I'll get my class and then I'll be able not to bungle so much". I didn't expect that there is so huge pre-reqs to join guild and it was a bit dissapointing to recognize them.

I think the best RPG progression:
1) you learn, you make mistakes, you die and have fun
2) you learned your lessons and now you go through some... ok, grindy stuff. But still it's fun.
3) you get your reward for hard times and get new abilities, new powers. Mobs also become harder - but you become stronger too.

Maybe I misunderstood something and to join a guild, you supposed to use crowns; I don't wanna crowns now, cause I want to have totally newbie experience, like most of players had with their first char.

Please, guys, could you tell your story? Do you remember your first character? How did you get to the guild?
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