[suggestion] PC client for Wyvern (roguelike-MUD)

Wyvern - oldschool 2d graphical MUD (it also has Android/iOS client!)
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[suggestion] PC client for Wyvern (roguelike-MUD)

Post by tangar » Thu Sep 21, 2017 5:07 pm

Hi ho!

It would be GREAT to have PC-like version of the game. It could be even not stand-alone client, but still Android application package, but with some preset features, suitable for comfortable gaming at PC.


1) predefined aliases for Num Pad
- move to all directions with numpad 1-9 (now you have to create it from scratch for each character)
- 'face' to all directions with Shift+(numpad 1-9)
// currently alliaces for numpad+shift doesn't work :(

2) possibility to show/hide UI elements with a hotkey. EX: no need to have inventory opened all the time, I would prefer to have bigger message window

3) possibility to re-adjust UI elements at the screen.

4) to be able to have game window (graphical part of the game) a bit wider. I got 27' display and it would be great to have possibility to increase width of game window for ~30% (it would be possible without harm if there would be possibility to hide inventory tab)

5) possibility to put aliases for F1-F12 keys

6) possiblity to assign aliases to additional mouse buttons

7) possibility to hold mouse button all the time to move around (like in 'Diablo' games) - so player wouldn't need to click all the time.

Please... It would be so comfortable to play with all this stuff :D
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