How to make Albion Online 'casual friendly'

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How to make Albion Online 'casual friendly'

Post by tangar » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:30 pm

The problem: casual player wouldn't have much to do after 1-2 months. At first it's exiting just to run around; kill mobs; gather resources; get into first PvP battles... But eventually you have to end up in black zones which are occupied by gangs and zergs and there isn't much _FAIR_ ('MOBA style' actually) PvP. Casual players NEEDS fair PvP, with equal players-amount/chances/gear; so only your playing skill would matter; not the time which you spend on grind or how much 'friends' do you have in your zerg.

It's great that now we got Arenas. There is still problem when you queue as solo player and get VS premade (I stopped playing until it would be fixed), but anyway it's huge progress towards FAIR PvP. What do we need now:

1) we need possibility to gain fame at arenas​. Arena tokens isn't good motivation to play it (especially when you could buy them at market 1 per 3k silver). We need fame to become stronger and get chances to compete in long-term.
2) It would be nice to get something for loosing battle at Arenas. Why not? People make huge efforts fighting, why not to give some fame for their bravery, even if they loose? Fame amount has to be based at player arena score - the more kills/assist/points you made - the more fame you would get (so people wouldn't harass this system in AFK).
3) The most important: we need battlegrounds, like in W@W; 10vs10, 15vs15 & etc group PvP. FAIR group PvP. Lets it would give much less rewards then open-world events, but it's where we would have equal chances. Overwise there is not much place for casual players, except arenas.

This game is about PvP and MOBA-style combat and after some time casual population would decline, if there wouldn't be content fo us. We need fair conditions, we need 'playing-skill'-based PvP. — streams in english // — streams in russian

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