[Guild managment] Time and date of last login

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[Guild managment] Time and date of last login

Post by tangar » Thu Aug 17, 2017 5:58 pm

We got 300 people guild... It's HELL to manage it! No way to understand - when members were online last time, so we do not know who is active player and who isn't.

Please add 'Last active' string for each guild member in guild roster list! Such string already exist in friend list, but we need it in guild list much more!

There could be more guild information, but at least "last time looged in". It would solve current HUGE problem. We need minimum data, to be able to kick players who quitted the game. It's the main headache right now. Currently we do not have _any_ data considering guildmates activity. We need something, please! It's the huge headache right now - to watch over 300 players and decide who is active and who isn't.. More players wants to join, but they can't do it before we clean up, and it is devilious hard. Sad.



Very glad to hear that devs would introduce this function in next update :D Awesome! So glad to hear this :D Thank you very much! :DDD You are awesome dev team!
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