We need instructions and better guides about PvP interactions (fights for city / territory)

Albion Online - new PVP sandbox MMORPG
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We need instructions and better guides about PvP interactions (fights for city / territory)

Post by tangar » Thu Aug 17, 2017 5:48 pm


I'm making guides myself (in Russian, playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... 4yDlGbDJx​ ) and trying to share my knowledge about all aspects of the game. Also I'm not new player to MMORPG, I started from UO (1999) and played loads of games; EX: Eve Online for a while.

What I could say. The most HARDEST system in Ablion Online for understanding - GvG, battles for cities/plots. There are no guides about it; maybe cause guilds do not share their knowledge about this mechanics (maybe cause they do not want competition?). The only guide which I found:
https://albiononline.com/en/guides/arti ... ritory+55​ is pretty _dull_, cause there are no information how actually _particiapate_ in this fights. What do I (as guild leader) has to do for it (no idea where is this interface). How much people do I need & etc.

So... Please make _detailed_ guide about all kind of PvP interactions. PvP is a core of Albion Online, but most of casual players HAVE NO IDEA how to participate in this activities (I read such comments under my videos). EX: guild leaders in our casual Alliance (10+ guilds) also have no idea how to participate in this activities. The only thing which people know - hellgates / black zone fights.

It's very essential to give such information now, as soon as possible. So players would see _the reason_, why to play, what they could do in Albion Online in their future. Wich current information it's very unclear.

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