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Post by tangar » Sun Dec 25, 2016 4:16 pm

My name is Tangar Glaz, I’m 31, from Moscow, Russia... But I enjoy to speak English %)

I've just started to play DoomRL; its my 1st time when I tried this game, first impressions:

Beautiful game, everything in the right place :)

Also I've made second stream in DoomRL in Russian... It was pretty hot :)

The only suggestion which I could find - 1st lvl of difficulty is too easy. 2nd - too hard (for newbie %). If there would be something in between - it would be awesome :)


A bit about myself, who I am:

youtuber I got 40+ YT channels, some of them in English. Youtube is my life
MMO-expert MMORPGs are part of my life for almost 20 years :) At the same moment, I'm big fun of roguelike genre; actually my 1st game ever was NetHack in the beginning of 90's %)
journalist author of Russian gaming magazines
musician rock band leader, guitar teacher, casual dj (electroclash, dark d'n'b)
ecologist PhD %) I work at university (computer science)
web designer I'm developing websites and also work as graphical designer
writer I'm in long process of creating my own fantasy world. Writing it for a long years already %)
videoartist recently I started to film TV series - GirlGamer %) We filmed 2 episodes yet :)

And finally I'm founder of Russian streamers community – Stream Guild.

Also I like sport (a lot of types: from karate to hiking), I do not drink alchohol (mad Russian!?), I enjoy cooking, I'm interested in history and politics, I like to draw (but not really good at it yet), I enjoy making photos (got instagram "igroglaz"). One of my dreams is to learn how to sew. I wanna make cloth for my self and my family :)

So... Back to gaming stuff. From recent times, my main activities now in English. I enjoy speak English with you, catguys! So I got two English youtube channels:

http://youtube.com/GlazGame - My daily streams in English %)
http://youtube.com/GameGlaz - My news and analytics about MMORPG and roguelikes!

If you are interested in my videos, please subscribe to my channels I'll be very glad to see you there and have a drink with ya %)

Also I got two channel in Russian:
http://youtube.com/streamguild - My russian streams, there I'll also would play roguelikes %)
http://www.youtube.com/igroglaz - news and fun gaming vids in Russian :)
http://youtube.com/GlazGame — streams in english // http://youtube.com/StreamGuild — streams in russian

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