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NetHack live video streams

Post by tangar » Sat Sep 10, 2016 12:50 pm

Hi ho!

I'm eternal newbie in NetHack and I enjoy YASDing for some years :) First time I played NetHack at my father's pentium 75 when I was 10 y.o. ;) Now I'm 31 but still play at quite the same success rate as 20 years ago hehe. And I love it %)

I'm streamer (making video about games) and I already made some NetHack vids in past years. But for now I didn't play NetHack for some time (mainly cause I played TomeNET - btw its very interesting MMORPG-like roguelike game), but now I'm returning to NetHack's Alma Mater :)

At first after my return I had a problem to remember even basics stuff with configs in new NetHack version so I wanted to help other returners like me and made my 1st video as a guide - about 32x32 tileset setup @ NetHack 3.6.0 version:

My next video was actually gameplay stream (just finished streaming it) - "Wizard and pets":

I'll continue making live streams and would be very glad to see you there :) As I said, I'm eternal newbie and I like to ask my viewers for advice sometimes :) If you are experienced player - you are welcome to help %) And if you are new player - please ask any questions about Nethack - I'll be glad to tell all what I know about this beautiful game :)

I do not have certain schedule for my streams; in most cases its in evening. If you would subscribe to my channel - - you would receive notifications when it starts ;)

Btw in my next video I'll make a guide about NetHack config file and tell some basic stuff about it (how to setup autopickup only for gold & etc). Please offer other subjects for guides %)

Cya! — streams in english // — streams in russian

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