RIGHT WAY TO PLAY SotA — Shroud of the Avatar

SotA — oldschool MMORPG from Richard Garrior — creator of Ultima Online %)
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RIGHT WAY TO PLAY SotA — Shroud of the Avatar

Post by tangar » Mon Aug 22, 2016 3:14 pm

In that video I said that SotA is _sandbox_ game and you are not obliged to focus _only_ at questing like in other traditional MMORPGs, where the only way to lvl is questing. Of course SotA has very interesting storyline, but as game right now is in early development and some quests could not give full satisfaction - better do not focus _only_ at quests, but also explore the world and especially pay attention to system of character advancement, which is already (even in early development :p) quite perfect.

Also I made that video when I just started my adventures in SotA, after ~10 hours or so. Now I played much more (~50 hours I suppose) and I'll create a new video with my thoughts about this subject very soon :)
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