SotA - singleplayer VS multiplayer

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SotA - singleplayer VS multiplayer

Postby tangar » Wed Aug 17, 2016 7:03 pm

This game needs more MMORPG-like elements to survive, to be successful. Players need Ultima Online spirit. If you do not like MMO-elements - you are free to play offline mode or "Single player online". But please, do not oppress people who like online gaming.

Right now SotA has great issue with "MMO vs SINGLE" modes struggle. Most of people who like multiplayer still have to play "single online" mode, cause there are more resources, more monsters, more loot & etc. Its painful for people who like MMORPG - to get disadvantage cause they like to play with other players. Why MMO-mode has to be harder then solo experience? Its not fair. We (people who play MMO-mode) need some conpensation for competition - more exp and bonus loot may be... Its simple - we got huge competition for resources, no point to play together... Other way game would be always "single player" mode, exept community events :( — streams in english // — streams in russian

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