SotA - arrows guide

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SotA - arrows guide

Post by tangar » Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:06 pm

I got an issue at the beginning of my journeys in SotA - I started with a bow (game adviced it), but when I spent all my 600 arrows.. I went to sword path, cause I didn't understood how to craft arrows - no recipe... I even killed chickens for feathers (like in UO), but at that time I didn't understood how to create arrows. Now I know it but its too late :)

Going sword was not easy, but fun, indeed. It was like small adventure - to become swordsman from zero :)

IMHO there could be several solutions:
1) May be there has to be a newbie tutorial crafting quest for archers about crafting arrows? Right now newbies got quest for cotton.. May be its possible to make it for arrows if you start with a bow? Describe newbie how to get them (buy from shop or craft).
2) Add "simple" arrows type which could be made without steel. Just wood and feathers (like in UO). Lets they would be 75% effective to normal ones.. But its good for new players.

Guide to craft arrows in SotA:

To create 500 arrows, you need:

Carpentry Hammer x 1
Wooden Board x 1 (Cubit Measure x 1; Wooden Timber x 1; Creosote x 1)
Bundle of Feathers x 5 (kill chickens for them; chickens could be found in Soltown)
Arrowheads x 1 (Smithing Hammer x 1; Arrow Head Mold x 1; Iron Ingot x 1) — streams in english // — streams in russian

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