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RussyGame (by Shtukensia) youtube gaming live streams & guides

Postby Shtukensia » Sun Nov 27, 2016 12:03 pm

Hi, my name is Vera Shtukensia, I am russian.


My first video game was arcade Pole Chudes (1993). Computer games I really enjoyed playing at teenage: full throttle (1995), mortal combat (~since 1995), lost eden (1995), myst (1993), need for speed (1994) & airplane / helicopter shooter simulators. While studing at the university / working I mainly played chessmaster, color lines, microsoft klondike solitaire card games & minesweeper.

My new wave of digital games came with my bf (~since 2005); my favorites - wow, civilization, ultima online, sims 4, hearthstone, prime world, diablo 3, the crew, counter strike zombie plague.

At my mobile iphone I play Clash Royale & "guess the flag of the country" games sometimes.

Let's HACK the GAME and have some fun!
RussyGame at YouTube )

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