Time to make a break

Mystera Legacy - oldschool sandbox MMORPG with awesome destructable world
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Time to make a break

Post by tangar » Sat Jul 30, 2016 8:43 am

So, guys :) Its time to make a break to the game. I was killed by somebody - don't wanna mention his name to make it famous :) Interesting how they got me - I was behind 2 walls with floors and 1 additional wall with nature tiles.. You could use underground to pass nature-tiles wall, but I also had two full repaired stone walls with floors. No shallow water or dirt inside. Also I putted new floor tiles daily. Mistery :) May be just brute force while I slept.

Anyway it happens in this kind of games and its right. For me its a sign that its time to make a pause. I played quite intense last few days and get tired a bit :)

All my stuff and houses are free to grab, who would be first - could take everything, I don't mind.

Also please note, that all "Tangar" characters from now on - its not me, but another mischief players who pretends to be me. When I'll return to the game - I'll make a video stream about it - its how you could know that I'm returned :) And I'll return for sure... %)

Thanks for the game, guys! It was awesome time. Especially thats to Captain and Ceaser. Cap, you are the very best member of community. Ceaser - you are the very fair judge of doomsday :) Thanks for all people who I meet - this game has very great community, much better then other MMORPGs. I'll miss you all. Good bye!

About my guild - GoT. Its disbanded. It was fun to play together. We would reincarnate in other worlds.
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Re: Time to make a break

Post by PaladinF1 » Sat Jul 30, 2016 10:56 am

See you in next incarnation ) Good luck.

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