Life after death

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Life after death

Post by tangar » Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:17 pm

After I was killed and grabbed I do not see any use of beign alone, to live alone in huge castle, like it was before my death. I lost huge amount of treasures.. But why I collected them? What for? Now I do not have them - and I do not need them. When you loose everything, you understand that you do not need anything :)

Death is cleansing. I do not have ambitions to come to power anymore or grow in ladder. I just wanna be regular part of community. I'm casual player, who want to fish, help community, build roads, have adventures in dungeons... I don't wanna go to politics or be part of intrigues. I had too much of theese. Of course I'll fight for my friends and would protect good and fight with evil. But I don't wanna investigate anything, I'll just listen for people who I trust. Thats it. I don't wanna be judge, I'll be rather soldier... in this life. Maybe in my next reincarnation it would change, who knows.

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