Bans in MMORPG in example of Mystera Legacy

Mystera Legacy - oldschool sandbox MMORPG with awesome destructable world
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Bans in MMORPG in example of Mystera Legacy

Post by tangar » Fri Aug 19, 2016 7:01 pm

I against censorship. Especially in virtual world. Ban = censorship. So...

1) freedom! no bans! Its like the death penalty in real world, BAD THING.. especially automated one. Btw you could be attacked with yours weapon - its possible to use proxy, create 20 characters and ban anyone with this "auto-feature".
2) bans by IP or by account is useless cause there are a lot of free proxy. you just show the troll that he got you and he want to continue. DONT FEED THE TROLL %)
3) player who get banned could do nasty stuff, trust me... For example, DDOS which could kill the game (I know some "small-scale" MMORPGs which died cause of it). Better to teach bad guys in regular, gameplay ways... Ban makes people cross the line.

So, solutions for bad behaviour problem:
1) If you do not like someone - just use "/ignore [name]" command.
2) if you want to change something to good - find and "teach" bad person a good manners by fire and sword. — streams in english // — streams in russian

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