[idea] Holy trinity: tank, healer, dps (builds) and aggro mechanics

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[idea] Holy trinity: tank, healer, dps (builds) and aggro mechanics

Post by tangar » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:38 am

Currently in TomeNET there is all-in-one classes mainly (could dps-tank-heal them self, like in Guild Wars 2), what makes players to interact in not so intense way, as it could be if there would be more possibilities to create diverse builds focused at group interaction. Right now all players are kinda 'DPS', more or less tanky and in most cases heals via potions; there are no 'clear' healers and tank builds (priest could be 'support'-kinda).

If there would be possibility to make pure defensive/tanky and healer builds - it would make gameplay in party more enjoyable.

For example, what could be implemented:

For melee classes (warrior, pala, mindcrafter), EX:
- add 'Defence' skill

Works only when wielding shield. Basically gives extra boost to defences (AC, reflecting) when wielding shield, but at the same moment reducing your melee/spell damage dealing dramatically (ex: for each skillpoint - minus 1% damage; so 50 skill would make -50% damage). Also each skillpoint increase aggro (monsters would likely attack tank, then other players).
- when you have 15 skill - gives new ability 'Blockade' - to receive 50% less damage for next successful (which avoided shield block) enemy attack.
- 25 skill gives ability 'Wag' - increasing dodge chance
- 40 skill - 'Natural resistace' - skill which gives temporary resistance to elements (basic+pois)
- 50 skill - gives ability 'Cover' - gives 25% chance to avoid magical attacks for 5 seconds.
It's just an example of course to make idea clear.

For healers (priest, paladin):
- add 'Favor' skill

Gives bonus for healing others and reducing chance to fail _healing others_ almost to zero. Also reducing damage dealing and aggro generation (-50%). Maybe even introduce separate magic school for this skill.

It would make gameplay richier and inspire players to interact with each other. Actually it's one of weakspot in TomeNET - there is no point to cooperate (at least at 1-48 lvls).. When you go to the dungeon with another player it's actually more dangerous then to go alone, cause you are both DPS and trying to kill something faster and go forward as much as possible (imagine party in WoW dungeon which consists with 5 DPS lol), what makes a lot of errors, traps, summoning and mess everything - thats why I play only alone (it's not because I'm lone wolf.. in WoW my favorite thing is 5-players dungeons). If there would be distinct role-builds, it would be MUCH more satisfactory gaming experience to go with a party, when everyone knows his place and role. I would love to play in party with Shtukensia, if she would be pure-healer, for example.

To compensate balance changes which would come with such innovation - make monsters at lvl much stronger when there are more then one player on lvl, like with big bosses https://tomenet.eu/guide.php?chapter=1. ... %20him#r19
Or make such 'increase' just for players with this 'trinity' skills, EX: if there is 'tank' (with defence skills 24), monsters would become 24% stronger. If there is tank (skill 'defence' 44)+healer(skill 'favor' 33)+dps (archer, no trinity skills) - monsters would be become 44+33=77%.
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