[idea] reducing game speed at deep lvls

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[idea] reducing game speed at deep lvls

Post by tangar » Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:19 pm

Most of deaths at deep lvls come from too fast game speed, some players don't have time to think or even react (drink potion, notice that you low on potions & etc). Even if your char got +30 speed, game is too fast sometimes.

I suggest to add possibility to reduce speed on deep lvls (for 40+ lvl chars). There could be several variants how to put it in game:

1) It could be optional game setting (in options). EX:

a) player A came to lvl. He had speed 0.5 turned on. Everyone who came at this lvl play at this speed.
b) player B came to lvl. He had normal speed turned on. Everyone who came at this lvl - play at this speed. If you wanna play at lower speed - come to another lvl to setup speed there.

2) add possibility to change lvl speed 'on fly' (+ an - keys, why not). Again, 1st person, who entered lvl, could change it's speed for other players.

3) possibility to change speed at certain area (not whole lvl) around your character. Maybe make such magic for istar - slow time? So it wouldn't give you speed, but give you more time to make decision.

Actually I would like to play at 0.3 speed at Mt.Doom :P Or even 0.1 :D

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