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Roadmap of the development

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:07 pm
by tangar
It would be great to know what developers up to, which new awesome features would wait players in future :) So may be its good to use something like TRAC: or any other tools as project is open-source.

Another thing - just to announce plans at forum in "Announcements"


Cool roadmap @ roguelike development:

Maybe setup similar system at website?


Its not 'heavy' services in terms of hosting resources.. Maybe they could be hosted at the same server where website and forum atm? but first we need to define which system is the best for TomeNET.. There are huge amount of different Project management software and Bug tracking systems... I suppose we need web-based open-source system. Anyone got ideas/experience with such instruments?

Also maybe just take one of this two, cause they already used in roguelike development projects:
1) works at
2) works at


Re: Roadmap of the development

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:07 pm
by tangar
TomeNET got great dev team, but all people need to rest sometimes. As TomeNET is 100% non-commercial game it's quite logical that devs not always have time for project... And every long-term project needs fresh blood :D

So.. Right now TomeNET has some problems with fixing current bugs, maybe it would be good idea to use one of systems above or just some more common platform, like GitHub? It would be great if more people could contribute to game code and fix bugs.

I know that among TomeNET players there are several professional coders. But currently it's not really understandable for them - how to contribute and participate in project. I play TomeNET for 2 years and saw how people 'come and go', some wanted to help the game.. Why not to give them such possibility?

Maybe 'Official TomeNET GitHub' would consolidate more people around project, why not to try? :D If contributed code would be bad quality, it's always possible to refuse contribution and wait for better try.

One of the best progress in development among roguelikes has DCSS - . They got really cool approach, maybe it's good idea to take some ideas how to organize it from them ... lp:process