[idea] Different weapons types additional properties

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[idea] Different weapons types additional properties

Post by tangar » Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:46 pm

Make different types of weapons more interesting

Currently there is not much sense in using different types of weapons. I using swords almost always (except whip for priesty) and it's a bit boring. Why swords? They are very common and easy to find. Ok, some ppl going for maces for Grond or otheer artifacts. Still not really entertaining. So lets make choice of weapon type more interesting, there would be more builds around:

- Make 'blunt' weapons more resistant to 'destroy weapon' by Nazguls (especially 2-h, quarterstaff weapon)
- Make 'polearms' harder to disarm
- 'axe' - chance to tear opponent - put additional 'DoT' so opponent would bleed
- 'swords' - gives additional chance to parry
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