[suggestion] avoid cheezing for newborn chars

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[suggestion] avoid cheezing for newborn chars

Post by tangar » Wed May 31, 2017 8:11 pm

Recently we got new anti-cheeze system to avoid +15/+15 items given to newborn chars. Now if you have for example +8 enchanced weapon, you would need 8 lvl to equip it.

But it doesn't work for items, which character enhanced by himself. And it's possible to give _any_ amount of gold to new chars (AFAIR, 3 lvl at Bree, any lvl outside of Bree).

So now I cheeze like this:
I give my newborn char 100k gold, order 100 scrolls of enhance armour, buying armour and become invincible for 15 lvls.

How to prevent it? There are several possible ways:

- make lvl restriction work even at enchancing made by yourself. EX: you enhance armour +5, it has 5 lvl req., and you can't wear it at lvl 3 even if you enhanced it by yourself.

- restrict gold to 1k per lvl. So 1 lvl char could have up to 1k gold; lvl 10 char up to 10k; from lvl 15 this restriction could be lifted

- make scrolls of enhancing have 15 lvl req.
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