[idea] new 'PvP Arena event' - to make PvP regular game activity

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[idea] new 'PvP Arena event' - to make PvP regular game activity

Post by tangar » Fri May 26, 2017 11:48 am

What the problem with current PvP mode, why it's not so popular nowadays?

- PVP chars have only one life and no ghost, ie are erased on death same as
no-ghost chars.
While PvPing - you die a lot. You learn a lot. At current PvP mode you live too short life. So if you have to start each time from scratch to live another 15 minutes and then beign killed - it's not fun to create new char again and again.

- gain no exp from any other source except killing other PvP characters.
It's fun to get common TomeNET playing experience together with PvP; killing monsters and lvling - the very best core of the game.

3) It's separate mode with not much players around. We got too much modes, guys :D


I belive it's possible to make PvP more desirable to play; to make PvP regular part of the game, so players would enjoy it without too harsh penalities and get more fun from it.

So.. I got an idea:
- To add a new event - "PvP arena"; where all players, at all modes - could sign with _any_ character. Without any lvl restrictions. At this event they would fight, not to fatal end, but to victory and get nice prize. And it's not just PvP arena, there are monsters spawning, so you have to be very skillful to win!

How to balance it if there would be people from all kinds of modes? Make people have equalized stats/lvls/properties to certain lvl while they are fighting at arena!

Yeah, it's sound fair: all character in PvP arena become certain lvl with their skills/stats equalized to it. For example: player A has lvl 27 and player B has lvl 43; they sign at PvP event. At arena they both become lvl 30, with maximized stats and fixed resistances and properties. Maximum damage per attack is limited to certain amount. Their equipment not taken into account, but each participant still has his inventory and could spend different potions/scrolls. You playing skill matters!

More details:
- If you die at PvP arena - you do not loose anything, you even get + 1-5 luck deed for participation (random rewards is fun). If you won event - you get luck +5 deed or sometimes - item's deed. The more players participated - the higher chance to get item's deed reward.
- At arena there are always some monsters (they continue to spawn during event). It would make PvP much more intense and interesting; with more different situations around. It also helps to balance fight between fragile, but powerful magic users and vital, but straighforward physical fighters.
- There are could be different arena types:
---- with different lvls layout: all chars get equalized to lvl 5-10-20-30-40...
---- with different enviroment around, different themes (lava, forest, desert & etc)
---- with different ruleset - Free for All, team DM, capture the flag & etc. But for beginning 'Free for All' is perfect.
- There are could be statistics and rating at the website, which shows the win/loose ration of the best arena players. Maybe even give players go receive scores for participation/wins which they could trade to deeds eventually? Loads of options :D

So.. Idea is fun. But for now, the most hardest part - is to recognize correct way of balancing players. Cause some races become pretty powerful earlier on; and in common gameplay their power limited by their exp.rate speed. Lets think at this examples:

Human Warrior 13 lvl meets Ent Warrior 24 lvl. They both become lvl 20 at the arena, their characteristics are equalized - HP, damage, speed & etc. The only difference is how effecintly they would play there; how they use enviroment, monsters around them & etc. So yep, its fair fight.

Istari meets Warrior. Istari got loads of different spells, but warrios are very vital. The only chance for warrior to kill istari is to come close to him. As phase door works, its not so easy. But there are also monsters around, which keeps spawning during fight - so istari got troubles just blinking randomly, he could be grabbed by mobs. But also it's unlike with previous case (warr VS warr) - if istari and warrior HPs would be equalized - it wouldn't be fair. Cause istari has to have much lower HP, but more firepower then warrior. How to balance it? Maybe equilize HPs only for certain races/classes?

Let's brainstorm about it together? Please post your ideas!

'PvP Arena event' could be very fun place, accessible to everyone; it could make PvP popular among all TomeNET players. As people do not loose stuff/chars there - it wouldn't make community angry at each other, but make people communicative. Right now most of players plays alone (me also), but at this event players would interact between each other and it would make TomeNET even more alive and fun game!
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Re: [idea] new 'PvP Arena event' - to make PvP regular game activity

Post by tangar » Mon May 29, 2017 2:51 pm

I got an idea how to balance classes in PvP - use 'pvp templates':

- For the beginning create only one arena level bracket - 50 lvl (so it would be possible to use all skills/spells which players using in 'common' gameplay)
- For this bracket there is ONE 'PvP template' for each class. It means that when any of characters go into 'PvP event' his character automatically adjusted to certain skill lvls, stats & etc.
- Equipment and race bonuses doesn't count.

If we would do it, all what we need is to design 15 templates:

- Warrior
- Rogue
- Paladin
- Druid
- Mindcrafter
- Mimic
- Ranger
- Archer
- Shaman
- Priest
- Istar
- Runemaster
- Adventurer
- Hell knight
- Deathknight

So each template has to have predefined resists, stats, HP/mana/stamina, AC, speed & etc.

How to balance this templates after they are created?
By gameplay experience. Players would play this event and would bring feedback to devs about balance. The same balancing goes in other MMORPGs. But in TomeNET it would be much easier to balance cause there is special PvP bracket which doesn't influence to PvE game balance.

So main idea there - PvP balancing wouldn't ruin almost perfect PvE balance. It would be totally independed gameplay; it would be another side of TomeNET.

Now next thing.. Which PvP balance is the best?

I belive it's the Triangle:
tomenet-pvp-triangle.png (24.78 KiB) Viewed 937 times
- Warrior kills Archer
- Archer kills Mage
- Mage kills Warrior

This is very logical and effective way to balance PvP. Of course, in TomeNET we got plenty of hybrid classes, so it could be a bit different archetypes, not just warr-archer-mage. For example, we could have:
- melee
- semi-melee
- ranged


- physical
- mixed
- magical

Also we have perfect tool to rebalance class PvP templates - SPEED. With this parameter, balancing could be much more easier, then in other MMORPGs. For example, if shaman would be too powerful - just reduce speed a bit and lets see what would happen next time :D A lot of experimentaion awaits, of course - and it's huge fun! :D

Please write your comments and suggestions :D
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