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TomeNET IDDC guide

Post by tangar » Fri May 26, 2017 9:05 am

Writing it to myself for now, but later on planning to make it more polished :D

- disarming traps gives experience, but some of them could be pretty nasty
- if it's bad theme, better to wait 24 hours

1) char has to be self-sufficient as possible. there is no mommy at IDDC to cure you wounds :D
2) try to buy everything at sale (curse of IDDC, hope one day sales would be permanent)
3) at Bree buy minimum:
- lantern
- oil
- spade
- fire res. ring
- 2-3 remove curse scroll
- cure wounds potions
- phase door scrolls
- appropriate spell (if you are magic user)
- 2-3 res. fire potions

After 1000 ft, don't forget to take with you:

1) Light and oil
2) Food:
- Atheas - to cure black breath
- Lembas (hallucinations and poison cure)
3) Potions:
- heal
- speed
- resistance (resist fire and cold too, to make it cheap)
- restore lvls
- insanity
4) Scrolls:
- remove curse
- magic mapping
- identify (*ID* too if possible)
- satisfy hunger
- teleportation (phase door too)
5) rods
trap loc
trap disarm
6) Misc.
- digger
- amulet of teleportation — streams in english // — streams in russian

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