[idea] location layers @ open-world

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[idea] location layers @ open-world

Post by tangar » Mon May 22, 2017 10:02 pm

Add '-1' and '+1' layer of surface to world map. It would be 'copy' (the same size and coordinates) of all open wilderness locations, but it has different 'content'/'enviroment'. So if current surface is 0 ft; this new two layers could be -25 ft and +25 ft deep. How it could be, illustration:

Bree. Currently its '0' level.
- tavern is rather small. Add stairs down (-1 lvl) in it which leads to biggest area, 'cellar' and stairs up (+1) which leads to 'bedrooms' with common room.
- at -1 in Bree could be 'severs' with rats and snakes in it. Make entrance near Black Market. It could be good replacement to Training Tower (why not to make training tower constant event, so players could train there as soon as they want? they spend potions on it anyway =D )

Player houses all around the world. Currently its '0' level.
- make possible to 'buy' additional stage/cellar for good amount of gold (after purchase - stairs appears in the corner).

Most of locations around the world - make it possible to dig at -1 lvl there with low probability to gather resources/gold (fits good with crafting https://tomenet.eu/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=806 ).

And just figured out another idea - Flying.
If you are flying - you appear at +1 layer.

Also actually TomeNET already have +1 layer at light model, you could see it there:
tomenet-floors.jpg (116.18 KiB) Viewed 663 times
I hope I described this idea understandable. It's inspired by Mystera Legacy and Tibia layers. I think it would be pretty revolutionary in TomeNET, in compare to other roguelike games. And it isn't impossible to implement. hard, but possible. Quite interesting long-term idea :D
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