+life weapons nerf

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+life weapons nerf

Post by tangar » Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:08 pm

In last update +3 life weapons was nerfed to +2 (1.5h and 2h), and 1h was put down from +2life to +1...

I think it a bit too hursh. +2life at 1h weapons was quite fun, not too big advantage. I used mainly +3life 1.5h weapons at my characters and only used +2 at shadow blade. Maybe make 1h weapons back to +2 life and only nerf 1.5h/2h weapons? Cause +1life alone it's kinda useless - +life weapons doesn't have anything else except elemental property (acidic & etc). Another approach - make +1life appear with more variaty of other properties. For example, make *slay evil* possible with +1life

//discuss please

Wanna add this:

+life weapons nerf was quite big frustration for me. I don't think +life was imbabalanced, people played with it for years and it was ok. After I made a few streams with +life weapons, devs nerfed it... It felt quite disappointing... I got big collection of +life weapons and got some compensation, but still - now when I play I got a feeling that my chars was nerfed, they were strong and now they are weak. Maybe it was for good, for better game balance, but still I got this nasty feeling.

And considering game balance - if too many health is bad - then why people could have loads of HP beigh mimics and they are not nerfed? Actually mimics the most overpowered class, but nobody cares about it... I don't like shape-shifting, so I don't play dru/mimics/shamans, but actually I forced to do so to increase survivability at 40+lvls. Not fun.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not asking for changing it back. I just wanna express my feeling. You could call it 'whine', ok - maybe it is. But it's how I feel after this nerf :(

Maybe the best was do not just nerf +life, but actually give something in exchange? As I proposed in the beginning...
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