[idea] new race - UNDEAD

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[idea] new race - UNDEAD

Post by tangar » Sat Apr 08, 2017 1:58 pm

Idea: you could play undead.. simple :)

Race story: you were revived after you death by evil sorcerer

At start you are fresh corpse.. Not too fresh actually :) You are mummy. At lvl 20 you become Zombie & etc

Mummy - newbord char
Zombie - 20 lvl
Skeleton - 30 lvl
Lich - 40 lvl
Ghost - 50 lvl

You CANNOT change you appearence like mimics. If you are ghost - you are ghost forever.

So char get special way of progression through the game.

Whats good in beign undead? Different stages have their own benefits, in a few words:

Mummy - slow, but vital; To catch up enemies - mummy could cast 'slow' skill-spell.
Zombie - again slow.. even slower then mummy. but could cast 'putrid' skill-spell (like 'Poisonous Fog' spell from Occult Shadow school, which was removed recently)
Skeleton - fast, but fragile.
Lich - got certain arsenal of magic.
Ghost - pass walls :)

Actually this forms could have benefits from 'mimic' forms, but maybe a bit more powerful. Why? Cause this race has to be VERY hard to get exp. Like vampires, even maybe a bit more.

Please discuss and add your ideas :) I didn't took this idea from any game, so it could be pretty unique feature in TomeNET.
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