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Boomerangs VS shooters

Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 9:37 am
by tangar
My comment at some interestng ideas from Unmouseable.

As archer 48 lvl I would comment a bit:

1) Its pretty rare for archer to use +15 damage arrows. Only VS hard bosses, but its also quite _uncomfortably_. For example you got 30 +15 arrows. One round I shoot 6 arrows. So 30 arrows would 'end' after 5 rounds. And 5 rounds its nothing when you fight something with reflect (many different guys; also sauron, morgy).

So even VS bosses in most cases ppl just using magic arrows; and if they are lucky - art arrows. The best art arrow which archer using in most case: +5 dmg from art Bard's arrow.

Another disadvantage of +15 projectiles - you need to gather them. And they break. Very often btw :)

2) Don't forget that boomerang works very good with MA users. Its part of this skill balancing.

3) NOT SURE: I don't know, but maybe boomerangs works VS reflect monsters? Reflect is a pain (wanna remind about sauron and morgy again) and if so - its major advantage. If not - maybe it could be impelemted? Quite powerful advantage VS shooters.