[idea] Bag of Holding and its balancing

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[idea] Bag of Holding and its balancing

Post by tangar » Fri Dec 02, 2016 6:30 pm

It would be quite interesting to have possibility to store more items in your inventory with a help of (in)famous Bag of Holding (BoH).

The problem is... game balance. Tomenet is very good balanced game and inventory limitations is a part of its balance. BUT. What about if BoH having certain disadvantages, so it wouldn't drop down complexity of the game, but just would make it more interesting to play? Lets take a look at example of + and - there:

Bag of Holding would give possibility to have 1...20 more slots in inventory (depends at lvl of the BoH) and it would be possible to put there certain amount of weight (10...100 lb?).

- you can't use items from BoH (need to take it from them to inventory first - it cost 1 turn)
- you need to have it in tool slot. if you unequip BoH - all items would be scattered around you...
- items inside of the BoH have no protection from character resistances (so they could be destroyed easy)
- wearing BoH equal to wearing shield or quite heavy armour (so you would get certain debuffs in combat in magic)

With this disadvantages BoH wouldn't break balance too much I belive, but would give possibility to go in deeper dives... Please suggest your ideas there.

In this balancing its essential to create 'Risk VS Reward' - "wanna have BoH? Take risks of taking it with you".

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