[suggestion] interface rework

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[suggestion] interface rework

Post by tangar » Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:24 am

Recently I suggested to add resistances indicator. Double-resistance its the most essential information for mid-endgame for majority of TomeNET classes.

One of big problems there is lack of free space for this new UI element. It would be awesome to have resistances indicator in bottom line, but now there is not any free space to put it there. I've made a picture with some ideas about interface improvements:
tomenet-interface.jpg (434.46 KiB) Viewed 612 times
I especially see good use in adding "feeling" to UI cause sometimes when you make your first step in new lvl - you got attacked and can't understand is it ok to stay at lvl or its better to run away (often its too risky to wait even a second to /feel lvl). it would definitely make life more beautiful :)

Also there could be some move replacements to add more temporary buffs to UI. For example, I rarely need to see at "AC" and "BpR". Maybe make an option to hide this parameters and to show some other buffs instead? It would be awesome to see more buffs at UI :)

Actually there could be much interesting new features which would make playing TomeNET even more pleasure (like "drop last item" feature from previous update - so love it!). Please suggest new ideas & discuss!
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