[impressions] IDDC towns

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[impressions] IDDC towns

Post by tangar » Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:15 pm

I got to the first IDDC town @ -1000. And.. I'm a bit disapointed. Now I see that the best way for success in IDDC is actually grind like this:

1) create "A" character (for example, batty with stealing), go till -1000. It would be your "bank" character.
2) create "B" second IDDC character (batty rogue again - cause of speed bonus) and go like a hurricane to -1000
3) take all stuff from "B" to "A". Your bank character would get ~20k gold, useful items and equipment
4) delete "B" character and go paragraph 2
5) when you get enough gold for top equip - create your "main" char and play. Do it till you get to -2000 & repeat there.

In the same moment you are free to steal as much as you could at your "batty" character to equip your main. Also a lot of cheeze there.

So every player got a choice - to grind to be successful or play without cheezing and forget about Ironman Deep Dive Scores...

There could be a solution - to disable possibility to transfer items between characters in cities.. but I'm not sure that it would be well accepted by players who like everything like it is right now. So maybe the best way - to create new IDDC-like mode with such parameters:

1) only 1 character limit (players still would have possibility to cheeze, but it would be much harder)
2) no dungeon towns (shops for mages books are quite often on common dungeon lvls) and no static lvls
3) no sales and no stealing in shops (so players would cheeze shops for eternity, but actually _play_ the game)

It would make game IDDC more dynamic and fair - all players would be equal, no matter how much characters you've dont and how much hours you stayed in the shop :)
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