Unblock Vera #Shtukensia YouTube channels!

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Unblock Vera #Shtukensia YouTube channels!

Post by tangar » Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:10 pm

Please support unblocking of Shtukensia’s unfairly suspended YouTube channels!

Vera (Shtukensia) & her husband Nikolay (igroglaz) are artists and scientists (PhDs both), who quitted their jobs in 2012 to became full-time youtubers. They are extraordinary youtubers, who daily make 5-7 high quality videos on very different topics which they publish at their 50 unique YouTube channels (~1 video per week for each channel).

On 15-16th December 2017 most of their channels (37 of 50) were unfairly blocked without any warinings or strikes. Their videos didn’t violate YouTube Community Guidelines and this block is a mistake. We love watching their videos and ask YouTube to recover all their blocked channels.

Please support us, sign our PETITION

Vera and Nikolay started 24/7 indefinite PROTEST strike in form of live video stream agains unfair blocking of their YouTube channels. We would protest 24/7 (even at night!) at our live streaming resources:

TWITCH - our 24/7 stream-strike

PERISCOPE - "street" streams: we are going to conduct pickets at the Google office in Moscow; meets with our viewers and make other events IRL
http://youtube.com/GlazGame — streams in english // http://youtube.com/StreamGuild — streams in russian

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