GW 2 f2p — guild wars 2 going free to play!

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GW 2 f2p — guild wars 2 going free to play!

Post by tangar » Fri Aug 28, 2015 9:00 am

GW 2 going to be f2p. This news has to appear at Pax Prime, but IGN news got leak and now we have this information even before it would be announced!

Nonetheless, this is not clear F2P. Its limited trial style like endless trial in WoW (max level restriction is 20). Main difference from WoW trial - you can actually have high-end PvP.

F2P restrictuions in GW 2:
  • Only one or two character slots Limit of level 15
    Seems like a limit on how high a "rank" you can get (specific to trial or possibly PvP related)
    Only able to send mail to friends.
    Can't send items or gold through mail
    Can't speak in map chat
    Can't access Team Arenas
    Can't access main WvW maps (EB and Borderlands)
    Can't sell items on TP.
Still it would be great fun to be able go sPvP! 5 vs 5, all in equal possibilities! Awesome! Good job Arena.Net!

Another big news about GW 2 RAIDs. Finally GW 2 would have high-end PvE raid content. Viva la vida!
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